LOKI by Mackenzi Lee





Hello  everyone! I haven’t been posting in almost a year, mostly because I have lacked confidence to post reviews and stuff here.But now I feel so much better and I decided to post again.


I’m writing this post today to talk about Loki by Mackenzi Lee, have you read it ?

Im so glad that I started the month with a book that I loved,I gave it 4,5 stars out of 5!

It was very interesting to read about Loki,which is Marvel’s character that I love a lot,he always fascinated me.

My heart was breaking for Loki, I cried SO MANY TIMES, I really related to the fact that he didn’t feel enough compared to his brother ,Thor, because it happened to me and my sister as well .


the writing style was so good, but I was sure of that when I started the novel. because I have read other novels by this author and always. enjoyed them.

Please read this book if you haven’t yet., you won’t regret it.







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Some audiobooks I love

Hello, everyone, today I decided to talk about audiobooks, I started to listen to them a year ago and I feel in love with them.


I decided to write this article after listening to the audio of Daisy Jones and the six by Taylor Jenkins Reid; it has a full cast and it was such a cool experience.


I also loved the trilogy of the Illuminae files as audio , they were so cool to listen to and , for me, the audios so much better than the physical copies , and my fave of the trilogy was the third one , Obsidio because we can see all the characters and I loved that.


Another audio I deeply loved was the second of Strange The Dreamer, Muse Of Nightmares by Laini Taylor, it was such a magical experience, I want to listen to the first book as well, because I read it as an ebook but I plan on rereading the duology as audio because I love that serie so much and it’s one of my faves.



I wanna talk also about Renegades and Archenemies by Marissa Meyer , and Archenemies was probably my favorite audiobook I listened in 2018. It was so much better than the first one , which I still deeply loved . I just found the second one to be more action packed and I felt more attached to the characters and the world inn general. The writing style of the author is really good and everyone should read this serie!


Last  but not least is my current audio , Field Notes On Love by Jennifer E. Smith, I’m almost 50%  it and it has two narrators and two POVS and I just love when we can have double POVS in books because I just love seeing more than one POV , and like, “being in the mind ” of more than one characters.




Let me know if you listened to any of these books I mentioned and if you have any audiobooks recs.

3 earcs I recently read



Hello guys, today I wanna talk about some books I recently read , all of the books I wanna talk about are earcs I got from Netgalley.


AGAIN BUT BETTER by Christine Riccio:

I was so excited to read it because I love the author and I have been following her for years so I was super hyped to read her book.

I gave this book 3.5 stars, I enjoyed it and it was a fast read but I didn’t particulary love it.

I didn’t care about the romance in the book and I didn’t care at all for the love interest, Pilot, I found him to be a little annoying.

I enjoyed Shane, our main character but I found the book sometimes to be a little dramatic, maybe it’s just me.

Overall I liked the writing style and like I said it was a fast read and I read it in less then a day.




I was super hyped to read this book since I read the description of the book on Goodreads where it said ”for fans of GILMORE GIRLS and TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE” so loving both of those I knew I had to read it.

This is the story of Rosa Santos a girl who people say is cursed by the sea and that dating her is bad news especially for a boy with a boat. It’s about her relationship of  with her abuela, who is like a pillar in their community , and her mother, who is an artist who ” crashes in and out of her life like an hurricane” .

It’s about Rosa and Alex Aquino’s, a boy whose family owns the marina, and their story.


I gave this book 5/5 stars, it was simply beautiful and I loved the writing style, the characters, the relationships between them and just everything, It has become one of my favorite books of all time.

I hope everyone will love it as much as I did.




This is about Anna ,a twenty-seven years old, obsessed with romantic comedies ( I can relate lol).

Her love life is limited by the expectations she has from watching those movies and also she’s waiting for her perfect match, she calls it ‘her Tom Hanks’  but what if her perfect match isn’t what she was expecting ?

I liked this novel a lot, I gave it 3.5 stars and I liked the writing style and the story was just too cute and the relationship between our main character and the love interest, an actor, was fantastic.


I feel like this could make a great movie!


I also really loved the last chapter when she makes her great gesture and tells to the love interest her feelings, it was a great moment and I couldn’t stop smiling.








I hope you get the chance to read these 3 novels and enjoy them as well.

See you in another post.

WWW WEDNESDAY (06/03/2019)

Hello and happy March 🙂 The month started pretty good because I have already read some amazing books.

So i decided to post some reading “updates” :

  • what did you finish reading ?
  • what are you currently reading ?
  • what will you be reading next?



1)what did you finish reading okay so I finished 4 books this week : The bride test by Helen Hoang; Can’t escape love by Alyssa Cole; Girls on the verge by Sharon Biggs Waller and Shadow me by Tahereh Mafi.

untitled.pntbt The Bride Test was the second book I read by the author, I read last year The Kiss Quotient and absolute loved it and this one in my opinion was even better. I got the earc of this and I read it in less than a day, I couldn’t put it down. I feel in love with Esme and Khai and they had some great moments and quotes.

I gave it 5/5 stars and I cannot wait to read more by the author. ( the book is going to be released on the 7th of May of this year)



Then this week I read, Can’t Escape Love, a novella from one of my favorite authors, Alyssa Cole, which i loved it, I found the characters to be so cute and lovely and I gave it 4/5 stars. ( the novella will be released this March).

Next i read my favorite book of the year , so far, and it’s girls on the verge. I gave it 5/5 stars and it was so beautifully written and so touching and it made me so emotional. It  deals with important topics and it has a beautiful friendship between 3 girls .( release day: 09/03/2019).

This morning I finished Shadow me, the new novella in the Shatter me serie. I loved it and I gave 5/ 5 stars and i loved reading in Kenji’s POV. Im so ready for Defy Me.



2) what are you currently reading ? 

mm I’m currently reading Mirror, Mirror but Im only 5% in it so I can’t say much.



3) what will you be reading next? bbI hope i can read A question of Holmes ,next


February Wrap up


Hello,today I want to share with you all the books I have read during the month of February.

I read a lot,for me,this month,a total of 16 books: nine of them were 5 stars; 5 were 4 stars and two were 3 stars,so it was a pretty successful month.

The first book I read was a manga,it was the first novel of boku no hero academia and I gave it 3/5 stars,it was okay but I dont know when I will continue the serie.


Then I read a book that I already talked about in the blog and it’s on the come up by Angie Thomas,the author of the hate u give, I loved this book and I gave it 5/5 stars.




Next I read a book by the author of my fave book of all time,I’m talking about Taylor Jenkins Reid,and the book I read was an earc of Daisy Jones and the Six.

I cant put into words how much I loved and enjoyed this book,it has become one of my new favorites, I loved the characters and the writing style was everything.9781524798628.jpeg


I also read another 3 star book by an author that I really love and its 99 percent mine,and the author is Sally Thorne,I was so disappointed by this because for me it wasnt on the same level of the hating game ,and I was bored for most part of the book.36300625.jpg

Others 3 five star read were,Next year in Havana and The Gilded Wolves and The case for Jamie(the third book in the Charlotte Holmes serie).

Lastly I listened to autoboyography by Christina Lauren,I read the risk by Elle Kennedy (which I posted the review on the blog ) and I read an earc called bridal boot camp by Meg Cabot and a curse so dark and lonely and they were all 5 stars for me.

WWW Wednesday

Hello! So today I decided to talk about:

– what did you recently finish reading?

-what are you currently reading?

-what will you be reading next?



1) What did you recently finish reading?

I recently finished two things,a novel and a novella; the first one was A curse so dark and lonely by Brigid Kemmer,which I really loved and gave it 5/5 stars ,this was a retelling of beauty and the best and I found it very unique and amazing.


Then I finished,like this morning,a novella I got from edelweiss, the bridal boot camp by Meg Cabot. I loved it so much as well and I gave this one 5/5 and

I really enjoyed it,it was cute and also funny and I deeply loved the characters,Rob & Ryan.
I have now the biggest crush on Ryan,he was so cute,and I LOVED when he blushed,okay.
I really wished the novella was longer because I need more about these two characters.



2)What are you currently reading?

I’m currently listening to the audiobook of autoboyography by Christina Lauren and I’m 3 hours in it and im deeply loving it, it deals with important topic and I love the characters and also I can relate to some aspects of it.

Also I really love Christina Lauren’s books.


I’m also reading the earc of there’s something about sweetie,which was one of my most anticipated read and I’m so glad I’m reading it,and I’m 20% in it.

42201316 (1).jpg



3) What will you be reading next ?

I don’t honestly know,I have lots of choices,like the priory of the orange tree,again but better ,the right swipe.

So I guess It will be depend on my mood!


The Risk by Elle Kennedy earc review :

41032121._UY899_SS899_ (1)

I got an earc of the risk and I was really excited because I love Elle Kennedy’s books and I loved her off campus serie and I enjoyed her first one in her briar u serie,the chase, even if I wasn’t a big fan of the love interest.
But wow I loved the risk,it was everything I wanted and needed and it’s for sure my fave book by the author.

It’s the story of Brenna Jensen, the briar u’s coach daughter,who is also Summer best friend,the main character of the chase,and Jake Connelly who is the captain of the rival team of briar.

” Brenna peers up at me, and damned if she isn’t the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

It has the enemies to lovers and fake dating tropes,which are two of my fave tropes in novels.
I loved everything about this novel,the characters were amazing,both Brenna and Jake are well written character who have all my heart,they had so much chemistry and the sexy scenes were so on point.

There were a lot of quotes I loved in that book and lots of good moments that made me really really happy.



I loved so much the epilogue,it made my heart so happy and it also made me a little emotional ,I already miss Brenna and Jake.


 “He’s so sure of himself, of his masculinity, his skill. Jake Connelly doesn’t have an insecure bone in his body.”



5 books i recently loved:

hello today I wanted to share my fave books I read so far in 2019 and I decided to talk about 5 books.


1)The first one I chose was a book that i read in January, Puddin’ by Julie Murphy, it’s the companion novel to Dumplin’,which I loved, and it follows two characters we get to see in the first novel, Millie and Callie. I already loved Millie in the other book but reading in her POV was fantastic and it made me love her so much more. Then we have Callie , who at first I didn’t like much but her character development was fantastic .The  friendship between Millie and Callie and the rest of the group was everything I wanted and needed and I cried when I had to say goodbye to the characters. 5/5 stars to Puddin’.In-an-Absent-Dream

2)The second book I chose was a book that I read as soon as it came out, In An Absent Dream by Seanan Mcguire. This is the fourth entry and prologue in the Wayward Children’s serie  and it was my favorite.

Our main character is Lundy, a girl who wants to study and dream instead of becoming an housewife and do what people expect her to do.

This book talks about fair value, how that is different from one to another and i found it very unique, everyone should read this serie in my opinion.

5/5 stars to in an absent dream.


merrily-ever-after-a-novella.jpg3) The third book on my list is a novella and its merrily ever after by Jenny Holiday. It follows Elise and Jay who are recently married and its set during the holidays season, it was so good, it made me so emotional but I only wished it was longer. 5/5 stars to this.


4) the next book is my favorite on the list, on the come up by Angie Thomas.

I loved the Hate u Give and this for me was even better. It follows Bri a girl who wants to become a rapper and she was amazing. I loved her relationship with her family and her friends. I’m really proud of her and she became one of my favorite fictional character ever. 5/5 stars.









5) the last book on this list is an earc Fumbled by Alexa Martin, I loved Intercepted so I was so excited when I got the earc for this.

It’s a second chance story and I liked it a lot even if book 1 was better in my opinion.

I read this novel in less then a day and I liked it but I didn’t love our love interest ,Tk, so much. At the beginning I tought he was cute and smooth but then 20%  in it I changed my mind , and at the end i ended up liking it a tiny bit again but not my fave.

Our main character , Poppy, was amazing and I loved her so much  but i didnt like her choices in the last few chapters , I was kinda disappointed but okay.

4/5 stars to this book, also the cover is really really pretty .9780451491978.jpg












Virtually Sleeping Beauty

“Virtually Sleeping Beauty” is a novella by K.M. Robinson. It’s a retelling of sleeping beauty,which is a story I love,and it is a very unique and different retelling.


“She may be doing battle in the virtual world, but in the real world, they can’t wake her up…”

The story is about this game that both the main characters love and our heroine,Rora,is stuck in this game and they can’t wake her up,so,Royce,our other main character,enter the game to try to help her.

What I loved in this story the most was that Rora was a badass heroine and she is  a very interesting character,my absolute favorite in this novel. I also loved Royce and his friend Alan(who was so funny,I love him) and the dynamics between this trio,I love them all.

The writing style was amazing and never bored me and it definitely one of the best books I have read this year.

My raiting is : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Please read it!!